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Plymouth Public Library

             Literacy for Life Program

                  There are many different roads to success. For the past 30 years, our Literacy
                  Program has been a well-travelled one. It has won numerous awards; it has also
                  served as the model for other libraries around the country. But that’s not why we
                  support it.  We support it because it makes a meaningful and measurable difference
                  in many people’s lives. It also strengthens our workforce and our community.

                  THE PROGRAM

                  What makes our program so special? First off, it is free of charge and accessible
                  to most Massachusetts residents over the age of sixteen.  Secondly, it is the only
                  program in southeast Massachusetts to provide English as a Second Language (ESL)
                  classes for adults who want to increase their fluency in the language.

                  The program also includes classes for those preparing to take either the GED or
                  HiSET test to earn a Massachusetts High School Equivalency Diploma. The HSE
                  (High School Equivalency) credential is recognized and accepted by every state,
                  territory and jurisdiction, along with the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S.
                  military and other federal programs.

                          There are many reasons people don’t finish high school: illness,
                          bullying, learning disabilities and financial concerns are a few. Our
                          Literacy Coordinator, Kristen Enos, recently received an email from one
                          of her students who participated in the program. You’ll learn how the
                          experience is truly transforming her life on the next page. Finally, the
                          program integrates technology skills into its curriculum to help participants
                          succeed in our very digital world.

                  Every year, our team of qualified instructors and tutors meet hundreds of achievers
                  wherever they are and help get them where they want to go.  Whether they are
                  learning a second language, earning a diploma, searching for work, preparing
                  for the US Citizenship test, studying for college, finding a retraining program,
                  developing health
                  and financial literacy,        “The single
                  or acquiring other life
                  skills, we are here to         greatest
                  help.                          indicator of
                                                 success for

                                                 children is the
                                                 literacy level of
                                                 their parents.”

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