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New Name.

           Same Mission.

                  You may have noticed that we’ve changed our name from the Plymouth Public
                  Library Corporation to the Plymouth Public Library Foundation. We hope the name
                  change will help folks better understand our role at the Library as we move forward.

                  The purpose of any foundation is to hold up and hold together the structure above
                  it.  The Plymouth Public Library Foundation supports the Library in three critical

                      ✦ We actively fundraise to bring resources, services, programming and other
                         opportunities to our community it simply wouldn’t have otherwise.

                      ✦ We play a key role in the Library’s leadership by helping to strengthen its
                         infrastructure and plan for the future.

                      ✦ We lead and fund community outreach initiatives to build awareness of Library
                         services and programs to increase engagement.

                  While the Library receives critical support from the Town of Plymouth for major
                  capital improvements, it does not fund any of the Library’s ongoing or yearly
                  programs, outreach efforts, technology upgrades or professional development
                  opportunities for the staff. It does not maintain our beautiful lawns and gardens or
                  fund smaller improvement projects.  This is typical. It is expected. And this is why
                  public libraries across the nation need a dedicated and proactive Foundation to
                  provide ongoing leadership and secure outside financial support.

                  We don’t do this alone.  Your donations matter.  Your Legacy Gifts open doors.
                  When you tee off at our golf tournament or buy tickets to “Taste of the Town,” you
                  strengthen the Library’s foundation. Our accomplishments are only possible because
                  of caring community members like you.

                                                                                            FOUNDA TION
        2     Plymouth Public Library Foundation
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