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                                                               By Nancy Brady Cunningham 2021

                                                               Trained in the science of libraries
                                                               Working among cards, books, and maps
                                                               Secretly she favors
        Although Jennifer says she will
        treasure the many wonderful                                   The language
        memories she’s had here, it’s clear                            The imagery
        this Cleveland, Ohio native is ready                          The soul-rhythm
        to “rock and roll” to her next                                Of poetry
        adventure. She already has plans to
        pursue her interest in Town politics
        with a run for Town Meeting Member                     Today, one final time
        in Precinct 13. Then, there’s family.                  She retraces her steps—
        The Harris’s are spread out across the                        Out the door
        country, so she plans to visit her new
        grandniece and ninety-eight-year-old                          Along the walkway
        mother in Cleveland soon. Her first                           To the parking lot
        stop abroad: Buenos Aires.  That is,                          And away
        after she learns Spanish with the help
        of Rosetta Stone software (which is
        free to all on the Library’s database)!                Poetic justice allows her work-world
                                                               To fade to black—
                                                               Seclusion the only spotlight
                                                               When time lies heavy as snow cover

                                                               Here she can
                                                                      Travel beyond her schedule
                                                                      Travel on her words

                                                                      Travel to other dimensions

                                                               She reappears
                                                               Poem in-hand

                                                               For the poetry open-mic

                                                               On zoom!

                                                                              Cover to Cover   Winter/Spring Issue     5
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