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Hello, Kelsey

        Meet Our New Library Director

        Kelsey Casey, our Acting Library Director, has now been appointed Library Director.
        In her new role, she will continue to increase the Library’s print and electronic
        collections, along with its databases. (Rosetta Stone and A to Z World Food are a
        regular part of her life!) Yet, she says books are just the beginning to what we can
        build together. She is also committed to increasing awareness of the Library’s full
        suite of online and in person programs and resources. Her ultimate mission: get
        every Plymouth resident a library card.

        Kelsey has always been an avid reader and knew she wanted to become a librarian
        when she was just eight years old. While the other kids in school were rushing off to
        recess, Kelsey was rushing to the school library to help shelve books! Before moving
        to Plymouth, she earned her master’s degree in Information and Library Studies
        from Robert Gordon University in Alberdeen, Scotland, worked at the Subase
        Library in Groton, CT, and served as Library Director of the Canterbury Public Library
        in Connecticut. Now, she is thrilled to call America’s hometown home and be part of
        the Old Colony Library Network.

        As an animal lover and mom to two cats and two dogs, she’s also revved up about
        “Tails & Tales.” See page 10 for a sneak peek at this year’s Summer Reading
        Program. And watch for our next issue of Cover to Cover, where we’ll catch up with
        Kelsey again for the latest Library news.

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